Lucy Grimble

I don’t often listen to Christian music, but this is something special. To me it’s the perfect combination of indie and well produced pop. Lucy’s got a nice voice with a wide range, and you can hear these are musical people having fun together. Her first studio album is yet to be released, but there are some really good singles out.


Spirit of the Living God is a samba-influenced pop song that starts off simple with Spanish guitar and laid back drums, and then opens up with synth layers and rich vocal harmonies. This is basically a worship song, but it’s fun to hear words like these in such a different context.


Intermission is my personal favourite. It has a larger sound to it, with layers of electric guitar and big drums, and again some rich vocal harmonies. A bit like a 90’s pop song but with an up to date production, what’s not to like? The lyrics are more general, about making decisions in life, but still from a perspective of faith.


Keeper is an ambient ballad in minor, again starting off simple with low frequency piano, and then building with programmed drums and lush strings. The lyrics make even more sense after hearing the “song story” from her live album, apparently it’s based on a true incident.


Great Redeemer is probably the most “classic worship anthem” of the bunch, with a clear message of Easter and what God has done for us. Some great production and musicianship on this one, especially the guitar arpeggios in the chorus, and the half-time drums entering in the second chorus.


All in all, I think we need more of this type of Christian music, and I’m really looking forward to hearing the full album later this year.