Coldplay – Everyday Life (2019)

This album is like a journey around the world. Not only do Coldplay use music influences, they’ve actually involved musicians from all over the world, or sampled them. The album is a perfect combination of all the Coldplay you want to hear – the dance tunes, the organic pop/rock, the acoustic ones, and the experimental interludes. Like on their later albums, many of the songs rely a lot on the production, but it’s also nice to hear Chris’s piano playing and Jonny on the acoustic guitar with almost no overdubs. I also like it when they go alternative rock with heavy drums, like in #3 and #7. When taking influences from all over the world like this, you can’t really leave religion out, and there are several songs mentioning God or faith – #4 which is a simple gospel song, and #8 that is a sacral choir piece. They’re also going more political than before, like in #1 on the second part of the album. Overall, it feels like they’ve reached a point where they just want to make music for unity and making the world a better place, which is admirable.